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A Maid’s Life – the Inside Story

Time and again, we hear stories of the abuse of Asian women working abroad as domestic workers. Last year the curtain was lifted further after we published Follow the Maid, a wonderful study of how young women in Indonesia are … Continue reading

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Cambodia’s most illustrious looter

On March 30th, the New York Times carried a lengthy article on the role of two respected US scholars in the looting of Cambodian antiquities. It is an interesting story but arguably one far more interesting is that of Cambodia’s … Continue reading

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Reality and consequences of elite rule in Cambodia

The long rule of Hun Sen and his Cambodian People’s Party in Cambodia is occasionally in the international spotlight. Attention tends to be paid to the political situation, an arena well covered in Michael Sullivan’s Cambodia Votes, a study of … Continue reading

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India’s hesitations about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Last Friday (26/2/16), the Russian news agency TASS announced a memorandum on India’s joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is expected to be signed at a SCO summit in Tashkent in June. This move has been a long time coming. … Continue reading

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Bird-droppings – not for local consumption

The Guardian reports that new laws are being implemented in the Maldives to restrict the local publication and distribution of material supposedly offensive to Islam. (Some observers see other motives by the new, increasingly authoritarian government.) When we were contacted … Continue reading

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Hong Kong – more than meets the eye

The current protests rocking Hong Kong are often portrayed in terms of freedom-loving locals defying the authoritarian initiatives of far-away Beijing. The big issue is said to be how much say the people of Hong Kong have on who is … Continue reading

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Good cronies?

In recent days we have heard a few sniggers about U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry staying in Naypyidaw in a hotel owned by U Zaw Zaw, one of Myanmar’s crony capitalists still on the U.S. sanctions list. Excuses have … Continue reading

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